Fumetsu Combat

Dark and edgy apparel design fit for a fighter. Created for the Fumetsu Combat brand.

Fumetsu BJJ GI

Client: Fumetsu Combat.

Role: Digital artist/illustrator.

Software used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.


The Brief

Brief & My Proposal

Fumetsu have been designing combat sports products in the UK since 2007 and after producing their previous launches in-house they approached me to design their new line of combat gear ‘Fumetsu Rampage’. Dark and edgy designs fit for a fighter and based around a Rhino which will be used across various combat apparel.

The main concept of the design was an illustration of a Rhino head, this was to make a visual reference to the Fumetsu brand logo - which incorporates a Rhino. The word ‘Fumetsu’ needed to be a part of the design however it didn't need to directly be above the main design, and could be incorporated into the sleeve.



Colour palette

fresh mint

HEX: 58D476

Dark Forest

HEX: 0f2a1e


HEX: 665b77


HEX: 1e1a1c


The Design

From initial sketch to finished render

Before the company commissioned me to design this range the Fumetsu brand had produced products with simple design ideas. They were now looking for this range of apparel to move the brands image out of the ‘conservative’ look and more into an edgy BJJ type brand - which was selling so well for their competitors.

My style suited that edgy vibe they were going for and I illustrated a very fierce looking rhino with neon green smoke spilling from his nostrils. I wanted the sleeves of the rash guard, and one side of the spats, to have a rhino skin look, which would help set apart from the main illustration but give the fighter than animal instinct.

Fumetsu Europe
Fumetsu Europe


3D Visuals

Model Shots

Model Shots by Fumetsu Europe.

Fumetsu Europe

"Fumetsu is a Japanese word, a concept,
that means Immortal or Indestructible."



The Outcome

The Outcome

The final range was fierce and edgy, just what Fumetsu were after and could compete against the other BJJ brands out there. The range was sold on Bytomic.com - leading suppliers of premium brands for martial arts & fitness. As well as Fumetsu Europe's website and other online retailers. The range was produced in a variety of colours and was successful enough to also be manufactured into a 'Kids range' - with brighter colours and in dedicated kids sizes. The design since has be used on Fumetsu’s shorts, spats, gloves, t-shirts and promotional material.

I think I succeeded in turning the Fumetsu brand from ‘conservative’ look into a professional ‘edgy’ brand that fighters would love to represent. Since the launch I have gone on to produce more apparel lines for Fumetsu including the 'Elements' range which incorporated the 4 elements of nature - Earth, Fire, Air and Water.

To order visit Fumetsu Combat's website here.


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